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Cavern Isles

Concept of the Likra Falls within the Cavern Isles

Cavern Isles is a province of Terfall. lieing on the south eastern edge of the Elven Sea and north west of the Sisitra continent. It is region of the Kingdom of Stars under the Omeniens and been home to that of the Crescent Cult aswell.


The Cavern Isles was first founded by Elven Imperials before the Darkening. however it wasent explored a great exstent and left uninhabitied. 100 Years after the Darkening, the Omeniens came from the Jewel Desert To find a new home for themselves. They had heard of the mysterious Isles in Elven Journals in the Ruined City. Quickly exploring and colonises the Isles. The Omeniens created the City Omenastar and the north western edge of the largest Island.


The Cavern Isles is rich in pine wood which can be harvested for lumber. with its underground caverns make excellent mining areas for several ores. Also the Cavern Isles is an excellent place to fish for exocite types of Fish.


  • Omenastar - City
  • Light Water - Town
  • Reach Wood - Village
  • Moonastar - City



  • Despite its name "Cavern" the actual way of pronouncing it is "Kay-vern".
  • the Cavern isles was the second early design location of the KoT Lore derived from the Moonlight Howl Drawing. The frist being Badland