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Concept of a Katien Soldier
Vital statistics
Affiliation Kingdom of Katastar (Formerly), Kingdom of Stars, Alliance of the Princesses
Age 100PD - Present
Aliases Descenish, Noblefolk
Religion Five Paths
Mount Horse
Leader King of Katastar (Formerly), Kingdom of Stars
Intelligence Medium
Height 150 - 180cm
Environment Woodland, Grassland
Lifespan 80 years
Katiens also known as Descenish are a race of humans native to the wood & riverland region of Terfall known as Kata's Descent. They were originally citizens of the Kingdom of Katastar founded by Kata the leader and would go on to become the idealist members of the United Kingdom of Stars. Katastar, the island city within the esteruy of the River Cath has been the Katien's primary settlement since the founding of the Kingdom of Katastar.

History Edit

Tribal Age Edit

The Anestors of the Katien people were assumed to be Avari slaves from the Gelldir enclave of Halriss, whereby following their masters demise within the Darkening, the Avari abandoned the hollowed city and migrated north, following the river their once called home, finding new lands to settle and live upon, several tribes grew up as a result of this migration, which ended up squabbling amongst themselves during the course of their early history.

The most notable tribes from these avari were the Cathars & the Cotts, the cathars were members of the tribe that lived upon the far northern island of Cathar, protected naturally by the tidal river they called home.

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