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Kat Prime
Concept of Katastar
Vital statistics
Status City, Capital
Alliases City of Freedom
Affiliation Kingdom of Stars
Occupants Humans, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Goblins, Sarrians
Location Kata's Descent, Terfall, Mortal Realm

Katastar is a settlement on the Northern Island in Kata's Descent. The capital of both the province Kata's Descent and the Kingdom of Stars. Katastar stands as a beacon of hope, unity, cosmopolitan and freedom for all who come.


Katastar is a city which began from nothing but a tribal settlement and a vast amount of trees. The Settlement was built upon the Island which the humans had used to find sanctuary from the  Gelldir slavers. The human people led by the 5 elders; Lana, Luna, Omena, Hela and Kata after their victory over the first Rise of Luko. When the other elders left to find new lands for themselves. The followers of Kata remained on the Island. Kata began using the ancient knowledge of their enemy's tomesof architecture and construction and with his followers. he began to build up the island into a defensive fortress. Quickly the settlement grew, and grew, from wood to stone and from small houses to vast complexes. In Kata's honor the settlement was called Katastar. When the 5 Elders formed the Kingdom of Stars together and choices Lysander Katanova to be the Kingdom's Ruler. They Decided upon Kata star to be the Kingdom's Head piece. When the 5 Elders died. The Priesthood of Kata built a cathedral upon the banks of the Island. now with more potential, more and more people flocked to katastar. Bringing wealth and goods alongwith them