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Kat Prime
Concept of Katastar
Vital statistics
Status City, Capital
Alliases Gate of Humanity
Affiliation Kingdom of Katastar (Formerly), United Kingdoms of Stars
Occupants Katiens
Location Kata's Descent, Terfall,

Katastar also known as the Gate of Humanity is the captial and most populated city of Kata's Descent and the United Kingdoms of Stars. Standing upon Cathar Isles at the mouth of the river riss in the north of it's province and the continent of Sisitra, Katastar has been a major settlement since the dawn of the Age of Humanity following the demise of the Gelldir Imperium roughly 0 Post Darkening. It was founded by a tribe of Avari who originally named it Cathar but it was later renamed to Katastar following the rise of Kata the Leader, who conquered the region around his island home which would later be called kata's descent

in his honour.

Katastar is presently a major cosmopolitan city following the establishment of the United Kingdoms of Stars as it's present standings as a world most prosperous settlement. It boasts the largest population and wellfare across the world and this is rivaled by that of Lunastar, Scer, Bande Lornvale, Thorgaard & Shen'eg respectively.

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Katastar itself was most likely loosely based upon the concept of the City of Dol Amorth within Tolkien's Middle Earth scriptures in that the city is roughly a glistening city built upon a island off the mainland. Historially development of the city has varied in placements but they have all featured the city being built upon an island.

This could also loosly be based upon the fact that KingKatanova is a british citizen, and that his county of orgin is an island of great power of prosperity.