Katanovian Ranger
Katanovian Ranger
Concept of a Katanovian Ranger
Vital statistics
Culture Kingdom of Stars
Class Specialist light archers
Role Scout, ranged support
Equipment Longbow, Steel dagger
Armour Cloth, Leather

The Katanovian Ranger is a specialist ranged military unit that serves the Kingdom of Stars as a scout or archer. They are recruited from populace skilled who show skill in archery, agility and eyesight and the majority of those are either of Omenien or Lanien origin.

They wear less armour then that of the Katanovian Longbowmen and therefore suffer if forced into close combat, however there skill comes from their speed and accuracy with a longbow as well as their free mobility from not wearing restricting armour.

Notoriety Edit

The rangers played a vital role in War for Katanova with the passing of key information regarding the revolution of power's movements for the Old kingdom alliance, despite that there where rangers under the control of the revolution as they had dominion of the Cavern Isles during the first 8 months of the War for Katanova.