Katanovian Archers
Katanovian Archer
Vital statistics
Culture Kingdom of Stars
Class Ranged
Role Ranged Support, Defense of Fortifications
Equipment Katanovian Shortbow, Katanovian Arrows
Armour Iron, Cloth, Leather
Katanovian Archers are the weakest, however one of the only ranged units trainable across the Kingdom of Stars nation.


Armed with shortbows, arrows and a shortsword, they are called to arms or drafted in from the barracks are the early stages of there military careers. They are also armoured with ironclad and leather making them both durable and mobile, however with there little to no training or experience there postion is key in battle for they are suspectable to cavalry charges and will often flee or be taken down easily when faced in close combat.


Titan Land Kingdoms of TerfallEdit

Katanovian Archer KoT

A Katanovian Archer in Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall

Katanovian Archers appear in Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall as the first available ranged unit for the Katanovian Faction and appear almost identical to that of the Katanovian Swordsman expect that the archer wields a bow and a quiever of arrows and cannot perform the defensive stance.

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