Katanovian TL KoT

A standard Katanovian base

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The Katanovians are a featured race within the kingdom subcategory of Human & Dwarven that can played in Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall . They are seen ingame as the Kingdom of Stars and there unit image is the Footman.

Katanovian's racial passive is Katanovian Freedom. which increases their health regeneration.

TL KoT racial descriptionEdit

"Katanovians is the collective name of denizens of the Kingdom of Stars, although it is commonly refered to the human races within the kingdom, it can also refer to Elves & Dwarves and Goblins. The Katanovians domain over 1/4 of mainland Terfall, over the north western portion and are currently ruled by the Katanova family. Katanovian belief lies with the goddess of freedom; Starlet through the 5 paths"

Unit RosterEdit


From Katanovian BarracksEdit

  • Katanovian Worker
  • Katanovian Footman
  • Katanovian Archer
  • Katanovian Defender
  • Katanovian Huntress
  • Katanovian Assassin
  • Katanovian Knight
  • Katanovian Eagle Knight
  • Trebuchet

From Katanovian LibraryEdit

  • Katanovian Sorcerer
  • Katanovian Hydromancer
  • Katanovian Pyromancer
  • Katanovian Druid
  • Goblin Alchemist
  • Skywing
  • Ent
  • Water Elemental
  • Fire Elemental

From Katanovian ChurchEdit

  • Katanovian Light Priest
  • Katanovian Necromancer
  • Sworn Hunter
  • Skeletal Minion


  • Katanovian Castle
  • Katanovian Altar
  • Katanovian Farm
  • Kingdom Household
  • Katanovian Barracks
  • Kingdom Blacksmith
  • Kingdom Lumbermill
  • Katanovian Library
  • Katanovian Church
  • Kingdom Market
  • Kingdom Tower


  • Andrew Katanova - King of Stars
  • Orule Katanova - Prince of Cavern Isles
  • Maria Katanova - Princess of Jaqua
  • Tirith Katanova - Prince of Scorn
  • Larissa Katanova - Princess of Lana Falls
  • Kaileth Worthyright - Champion of Starlet
  • Kithrail Yalemarch - Halfbreed Matyr
  • Elaine Darksea - Black Tree Grand Assassin
  • Sendil Eilliwood - Steward of Katastar
  • Kyle Katanova - Hammer of Freedom
  • Maldrin Katanova - Prince of Scorn
  • Lergial Flame - Flame Mistress
  • Aladari Nightbane - Lord of Horroville
  • Lend Daggard - Admiral of Kata's Navy
  • Andrakeas Katanova - Death Prince
  • Ewin Worthyright - Hero of Lanastar
  • Ebacm Domyar - Grand Librarian
  • Myra Yates - Child of Moonlight
  • Ryan Westfold - Roaming Swordsman
  • Shal'akur - Protecting Shadow
  • Saia Whisperwind - Siren of Breath
  • Huan - Archer Assassin
  • Vardoe Silvertongue - Druid of Death
  • Medalin - Moon Swordsman

Trivia Edit

  • Katanovians original used the Rostrodle Skirmisher as its unit image in the early versions, however the model was removed due to file restrictions and returned to the footman. However the skirmisher and since reappeared for the unit image of the Axoni.
  • Katanovians original used a complex system of racial choose that players were able to choose with affinity to the 5 paths they came from. However this concept lead to confusion and was replaced with a simpler unit of all type system.