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House Katanova

Concept of the House of Katanova's Banner

The House of Katanova is the ruling house of the Kingdom of Stars


The family were founded through its patron Kata and his wife Nova'dah. Since early in the Kingdom of Stars history it did not form until the kingdom we know until the teachings fromed the rule of king under the jeweled crown. Kata had 2 children during this time Lysander and Lily

The first rule fell to Kata's first born son, Lysander to which the kingdom and the family saw prosperity within its now growing econmy having taken years to establish itself within the landscape.

Known MembersEdit

The current line of Katanova as far as we know only dates towards the end of the Chaos War in 195PD, there are others still to appear.

  • Kata (and Nova'dah) - patron of the house and first to its name.
  • King Lysander (and Queen Rosa) - Parents of Leon & Lily, rulers of the Kingdom of Stars prior to the Highpass Conflict.
  • Lily - Daughter of Lysander and Rosa, was lost at sea.
  • King Leon (and Queen Louise) - only child of Lysander, prince of Katastar later ruler of the Kingdom of Stars, Parent of Morgrim.
  • King Morgrim (And Queen Helen) - Paretns of Andrew and Rulers of the Kingdom of Stars Dwarven acknowledge
  • King Andrew (And Ceyna) - Parents to Orule, Maria, Orule & Larissa, rulers of the Kingdom of Stars during the Age of Skulls & prior to the War for Katanova.
  • Orule - First son of Andrew, prince over the Cavern isles, co-leader of the revolution of the princes later grand general of the Kingdom of Stars.
  • Maria - First daughter of Andrew, princess over Jaqua, archmage of luna and co-leader of the alliance of the princess. Mother to Andrakeas
  • Tirith - Second son of Andrew, prince over Scorn, co-leader of the Rebellion of the Princes & later general of the Chaos Horde. Father of Maldrin & Lerial
  • Queen Lara - Second daughter of Andrew, Princess of Lana falls and later Crown Queen of Stars, co-leader of the alliance of princesses. Mother of Kyle
  • Andrakeas - Son of Maria, prince over Jaqua later named the Death priest for his work in Highpass. Suceeded Archmage of Luna
  • Maldrin - Son of Tirith, prince of Helastar later Prince of Doom.
  • Lerial - bastard daughter of tirith, liberator of scorn during the Chaos War.
  • Kyle - Son of Maria, prince of katastar, trained as a templar paladin named "hammer of freedom", key leader during the Chaos War.