Kata's Descent

Kata's Descent following the Narrow Peaks

Kata's Descent (Originally named Astran during ER) is one of the provinces of Sisitra, it is the smallest province but it contains the most wealth and power. Kata's Descent is the capitual province of the Kingdom of Stars of which lies Kat Prime. Kata's Descent was named after one of the Human tales of Kata as he walked down the narrow peaks and entered the Ruined city, where he plucked an ancient crown from the tomb of a dead king.


Kata's descent is set up as the patch of land between the narrow peaks and the river Ren, a natural flood plain. Because of this, Much of the Province was built up as farm land and foresting, with a rich amount of water from the peaks, the food yield doubles. Kata's decsent lies as a north-south path, beginning at Kat Prime in the north and the Ruined City in the south. Built in it's center lies the King's Road, where it cross to the west; to Lana Falls and to the east; to Jewel Desert. it follows the River Ren.

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