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Jorn Herr
Jorn Herr
Concept of Jorn Herr
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Stars (Formerly), Cult of Skulls (Formerly), Highland Baroney
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Date of Birth - Death 1148PD
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Aliases Guard of Horroville, Executor, Apprentice of Mardrake Transfer, Husband of Katarine Baer
Class Guardsman, Necromancer
Nature Neutral Good

Jorn Herr was a Lanien orphaned warrior who served as a guardsman for Horroville. He was one of the only survivors of the Horroville Massacre to which he was then taken up as the apprentice of Mardrake Transfer and the Cult of Skulls. He also survived the War of Bones were he took the possession of the Deathly Grimoire.

Jorn later became a key figure in the resistance against the Blood Kingdom in which they were finally broken and fled, he then married Katarine Baer, another resistance fighter from the Cult of Skulls who was also a legitimate heir to the Baronship of Norden. together they gave birth to Ericka & William Baer, He died during the assault to retake Wilmburgh from the Chaos Horde.

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