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Johan Lehto
Johan Lehto
Concept of Johan Lehto as a Wraith
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Highland Baroney (Formerly), Cult of Skulls (Formerly)
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Date of Birth - Death Unknown
Relations Unknown
Aliases Noble of Kilfar, Castellan of Karthmere,
Class Highlander Knight
Nature Chaotic Evil
 Johan Lehto also known as Lehto the Cursed Castellan was the last Castellan of Karthmere, where not only was he killed and the castle left in ruins but his spirit was cursed to be bond eternally within Karthmere as a wraith.


Early LifeEdit

Johan was born a minor noble within Kilfarshire, where he was raised and studied within the capital Kilfar. He sought to expand his knowledge of the greater world and fighting skill, he became a Highlander Knight and showed great skills in leadership and dedication to honour and independance.

Castellan of KarthmereEdit

When the Castellan of Karthmere passed away without an heir, the rulling Highland Baron of Kilfar sought it would be a good opportunity to make the young and eager Johan the next Castellan. Johan accepted the offer, and within a phew days had relocated himself to the eastern. 

Shadow Curse ClanEdit

Curse of UnlifeEdit

Cult of SkullsEdit


  • Johan Lehto was designed as a drawing for Immortal Wraith, were he was the first hand drawn & representation of what a wraith looks like.
  • Johan was originally called Matthew Derve, however this was only a placename where Wraiths real name helped shape his character's design.

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