KoT Character
Jasiki Rate
Jasiki Rate
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Empire of Hahaska (Formerly), Thief Ring
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Aliases King of Thieves, Ring Lord
Class Agility, Thief
Nature True Neutral
"You better get out of my way, before you find your very name lost to my grip"
—Jasiki Rate speaking to a random ring thief[src]

Jasiki Rate is the renegade lord over the "Thief Ring" . Going by the name of "King of Thieves" Jasiki runs his lawless organization to commit acts of crime and thieft against the Empire of Hahaska and any other nation that trys to cross his path. His is a solo bandit and therefore doesnt affiliate himself with the Renegade Kingdom.






  • Jasiki was inspired by the Prince of Persia and the Thief's Guild in Elder Scroll's Skyrim

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