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Jafar Hakim
Jafar Hakim
Concept of Jafar Hakim
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Hahaskan Empire (Formerly) Chaos Horde
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Date of Birth - Death 169PD
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Aliases Emir of Band, Chaos Lord of Shakara
Class Hahaskan Ranger
Nature Chaotic Evil (Formerly Lawful Neutral
 Jafar Hakim is a Shakuma Ranger who became Emir of Band, governing from 188PD to 190PD, were he was captured during the Siege of Sandline. Enthralled into a Heretic under Borgg's command, Jafar eventually took up the mantle of Chaos Lord and placed in command of Shakara.

A former member of the Hakim Dynasty, son of Mergana Hakim, Jafar ruled over Shakara under the chaos horde until the Recovering of Band were after he was defeated, however, he managed to evade capture and is still at large across Terfall.


Jafar Hakim was born in 169PD in the city of Band to Mergana Hakim and Zaahir Farid, he grew up within the Golden Palace with his siblings Nazar & Aadria, with Jafar being the eldest.

Jafar learned quickly the ways of combat and whilst he struggled with close combat, he excelled in archery. In the hope that he would become an ideal ranger for the Hahaskan Empire, his father commissioned the finest blacksmith in Band to create a bow fit for Jafar. The bow was completed in 177PD and given to him on his 8th birthday, were he named it Rashnaa.

When Jafar reached the age of 15, he was drafted into the Hatash'fel under the assumption of being a "gifted recruit" rather then spending the required time in infantry duty. Jafar said he farewells and left the city that he had known all his life.

With the Hatash'fel Edit


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