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Pumpkin Jack
Jack as the Pumpkin Knight
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Stars (Formerly), Jorn Herr
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Date of Birth - Death 146PD (estimated)
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Aliases Guard of Horroville, Necromatic Guardian of Jorn Herr, Pumpkin Knight
Class Warrior, Necromatic Guardian
Nature Neutral Good
Jack is a Katien who served as a Katanovian Swordsman of Horroville during the Reign of Andrew.The best friend of Jorn Herr, he perished however during the Horroville Massacre. But later was reanimated by Jorn to be his Death Guardian and becoming the Legendary Pumpkin Knight.

History Edit

Jack was an Orphan of the Shady Stone Orphanage delivered to them in 146PD. He was not adopted and by the time he reached 6 Jack began to resent all the other children in the Orphanage, he turned into a bully and would harass and fight with them just to get the punishment from the Priests just to feel he wasn't alone. He rampaging continued until he came to blows with the Witch Boy Jorn

Jack as a Warrior of Horroville

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