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Infernal Conflict

The armies of Mash'gulur and the Kingdom of Temus fighting each other in Scorn

The Infernal Conflict also known as the Conflict over Scorn or simply the Scorn Conflict is a story-line following a altared timeline of KoT's History. The story-line was inspired by the requests of THE-BLOOD-HUNT and created by KingKatanova into a selection of lore articles for KoT Wiki. These articles are non-cannon and any page created under this story-line will feature the Infernal Conflict Logo and banner over the page.


The Infernal Conflict takes place on Terfall just after the events of the Chaos War some time between 196PD and 200PD where 4 factions within Scorn began a campagin against eachother for total dominion over the land. The Humans of the Kingdom of Temus, the Orcs of the Blackjaw Clan, the Hellics of the Mash'gulur and the Crimson Orcs of the Bloodflame Clan. Each faction began the campagin from their captial and push out against the other factions wanting to either submit them or eniliate them alltogether.

Each faction however had key goal, the control of Helastar as it was key element in the sucess of the conflict for any of the factions. It is first controlled by the Crimson Orcs who overthrew the Hellics control of it and remain there. The humans want it as it has a significant value to them as it was their former captial before the chaos war drove them into the southern hills. The Hellics know of the ancient chaotic energy that lies deep within the city and want dominion of it again. The orcs know of the stragtic value of holding helastar from the other factions due to its centre location.

Factions & RulersEdit


  • Helastar
  • Temus
  • Temple Prime
  • Blackjaw Stronghold


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