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Idaran Winged Lancer
Winged Lancer
Concept of a IWinged Lancer
Vital statistics
Culture Kingdom of Idara
Class Elite Cavalry
Role Break Formation, Charge down enemies
Equipment Lances, Idaran Longswords
Armour Steel, Cloth, Skywing Feathers, Night Stalker Pelt
 The Idaran Winged Lancers are one of the main types of cavalry in the Kingdom of Idaran. Introduced into the Idaran military in 88PD following the emergence of steelwork in Idara, the Idaran Lancers became the kingdom's elitle cavalry and royal escorts to the Rulers of Idara.



The Idaran Lancers are famous for their huge 'wings', a wooden frame carrying skywing feathers which was support on the lancer's back. 

Many rumours and believes surround the reasoning for why the Idaran Lancers were should an unusual thing. The most common belief is that they it is said to be their connection to the Angels of Celestris that bear wings, or on a more tactical level that the sound the wings make in full charge can often frighten enemy horses, breaking enemy formations.


Armour and weaponryEdit


  • The Winged Lancers are directly inspired by the Winged Hussars, both in physical appearance and tactics.
  • The Winged Lancers where originally just knights very similar to that of the Katanovian Knight, however KingKatanova; after reading and learning the armour, design and history of the hussars, he pushed for them to be in the KoT universe.


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