Idaran Milita
The Idaran Milita are the main force of soldiers for the Idara Kingdom. They can be called upon in the hour of need by the Idaran High Command.


The Idaran Miltia are set up as being as freely drafted men and women across Idara. Upon reaching the age of 16, an Idaran is taken up to be trained in the Milita Code so that, when the time is necessary, they can be called apon to protect their homeland.

Milita who stay on there service earn a wage and are assigned the role of town guard or naval sailor. If they deemed worthy and have perform to the upmost standards of there possison they are promoted to a Milita Captain, and are givin there own squad of Milta.

As for a Miltiaman's training, they are suited with the standard Idaran Military Uniform and are trained to use both a melee orianted weapon and a ranged weapon.

Appearance in Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall

Idaran Milita Appeared in Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall as the first melee unit class in the Idaran Race. As there lore goes, they have the ability to be both adept warriors and archers.


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