Idaran Avenger
Idaran Avenger
Concept of a Idaran Avenger
Vital statistics
Culture Kingdom of Idara
Class Infantry
Role disrupt cavalry charges, butcher infantry medium range
Equipment Halberd, Glaive, Poleaxe
Armour Steel, Leather, Cloth
The Idaran Avenger also known as the Glaiveman, Halberdier or Pikeman are a military unit employed by the Kingdom of Idara. They are fully employed unlike the Idaran Militia within the Idaran's military core and are trained as anti cavalry infantry equip with either an array of different pole-arm based weapons.

History Edit

The Avengers were formed during the phew years after the founding of the Kingdom of Idara, originally part of what was the Militia armed with an assortment of different pole-arms but little to no training or armour, they still proved most valuable in the kingdoms defenses against the Black Covenant and more importantly could stand against the dreaded Death Knights. They also proved useful against the formations of the Drakari infantry, whoever required more support from other infantry to defend against arrows.

In such high regard for the pole-arm Idarans, king Liam Tansis named them an honourary infantryman of the Idaran's formulated military core and would be used as the front line shock troops always at hand, they would be paid a decent wage and housing for any who could master the rank.

Tactics Edit

Idaran Avengers work best as anti-cavalry infantry which are setup to destroy what would be a cavalry charge from breaking through the Idaran's line, they are more armoured then that of the militia however they do not carry a large shield, sometimes its a iron or wooden buckler or not one at all, they are vulnerable to ranged attacks however the trade-off usually compensates the vulnerability.

References Edit

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