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Idaran TL KoT

A standard Idaran base

The Idarans are a featured race within the kingdom subcategory of Human & Dwarven races that can be played in Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall. They are seen ingame as the Kingdom of Idara and there unit image is the Militia .

Idaran's racial passive is Idaran Fury which increase their attack speed.

TL KoT Racial DescriptionEdit

"Idarans are the proud and independent Humans that live on the south western island of Idara. Much of Terfalll's wealth originates from the island and as such every other nation has wanted a piece of it. But the Idarans are more then prepared for any invaders who have tried to take their homeland away from them. They are currently ruled by the Tansis family and through their mutual alliance with the Kingdom of Stars have been undergoing a religious struggle between the Templars Celestrian and the 5 Paths"

Unit RosterEdit


From Idaran BarracksEdit

  • Idaran Militaman (melee and ranged)
  • Idaran Avenger
  • Idaran Game Catcher
  • Idaran Knight
  • Trebuchet

From Idaran ChurchEdit

  • Idaran Light Priest
  • Sworn Hunter

From Idaran LibraryEdit

  • Idaran Sorcerer
  • Idaran Toximancer
  • Goblin Alchemist
  • Skywing
  • Poison Elemental


  • Idaran Palace
  • Idaran Shrine
  • Idaran Farm
  • Kingdom Household
  • Idaran Barracks
  • Kingdom Blacksmith
  • Kingdom Lumbermill
  • Idaran Church
  • Idaran Library
  • Kingdom Marketplace
  • Kingdom Tower


  • Regard Tansis - King of Idara
  • Angelica Tansis - Iron Princess
  • Martin Tansis - Royal Advisor of Idara
  • Maverick Tansis - Idaran Commander
  • Rakald - Hermit of the Grey Peak
  • Gregory Heartmane - Mayor of Dustfoil
  • Bastian Winfreed - Plague Doctor
  • Deris Lichen - Archmage of the Gifted


  • Idaran concept from the racial view of the Telens, from the game Broken Alliances, which made use of the underrated militia as its base unit. The name and island itself came from the description made on Kaileth Worthyright.
  • Due to there alliance with the Kingdom of Stars, much of the Idaran's architecture bares resemblence to the Katanovians.
  • The Idaran knight for several verisons has been tried to make unique to turn it inot the Winged Lancer, which pays homage to the Winged Hussars.