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female Half Elf Idaran Militman and male Idaran Militiamn
Vital statistics
Affiliation Kingdom of Idara, Templar Brotherhood
Age 650ER - Present
Aliases Richmen, Islanders
Religion Eternal Prayer Holy Worship
Mount Horse
Leader Tansis Family
Intelligence 7
Height 5 - 6 feet
Environment Any (but prefer Tropical)
Lifespan {{{How long do they live}}}
The Idarans are a race of Humans who hail from the southern continent of Idara where their name dervies from. Like the majority of human races, the Idarans are fearless and strong who through key trading systems and resources have become one of the wealthiest people in all Terfall. The majority of Idarans are citizens to the Kingdom of Idara.


The Avari were brought to the southern landmass of what was





  • Idarans where the last race of humans to be established by KingKatanova
  • The Idarans where though up by a random word which came about whilst reading the lore in Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall of Kaileth Worthyright "his tales are known from Uthway to Idara"


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