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Concept of a Hyedari Waveguard
Vital statistics
Affiliation First Dominion of Atlantis, Elven Empire (Formerly), Kingdom of Nautican, Second Dominion of Atlantis
Age 15,0000ER - Present
Aliases Water Elves, Sea Elves
Religion Eternal Prayer
Mount Unknown
Leader Hyedari Chieftain (Formerly), Lord of Atlantis, King of Nautican
Intelligence 7
Height 4 - 6 ft
Environment Any, but prefer being close to large areas of water
Lifespan Unable to die of age
 The Hyedari also known by their common name of Water Elves are a species of Elf found on Terfall.

Fisherman and navel guided, the Hyedari where quick to master the potential of the oceans and tides. They where the race that with the assistance of the Eternal One Anarok where masters of the sea and creators of the island Quezzara through the use of Hydrobane. However the Hyedari where ultimated defeated by themselves after the events of the Darkening, being submerged in their imprevious ultra-city Atlantis at the bottom of Sea, they own shapes and minds twisted into that resemblence of creatures of the depths. There race was left to become the what is now known as Artrixxerxx and Naga.







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