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Concept of Hydro after taking the power of Nauticas
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Hyedari, Dominion of Atlantis
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Date of Birth - Death Unknown (believed around 14,500ER)
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Aliases Daughter of Hydrass, Saviour of Hyedari, Creator of Quezzara
Class Hydromancer
Nature Neutral Good
 Hydro was a Hyedari hydromancer who came to power before the creation of the Elven Empire . She is regarded as one of hyedari's most famous figures. Her effort to save her people's plight from the will of the sea creature Nauticas and creation of both the island of Quezzara and the wonder of the old world, the now sunken city of Atlantis. She is more known throughout Terfall however as the Creator of the prized artifact Hydrobane, the sword that allows the user to control the sea.


Early LifeEdit

It is believed like all Hyedari before the creation of their new homeland Quezzara , that Hydro was born on the coastline of Yenurt. The daughter of the chieftain Hydrass. She was brought up by like all Hyedari women as a water witch now known as a Hydromancer.

Exodus of WaterEdit

Scourge of NauticasEdit



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