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Humans (Avari)
Human Katanovian Male and Female
Vital statistics
Affiliation Elven Empire (Formerly), Kingdom of Stars, Kingdom of Idara, Empire of Hahaska, Highland Republic, Uthdare Tribe, Templar Brotherhood, Crescent Cult, Cult of Skulls, Cult of Frost, Kingdom of the North
Age 1500ER - Present
Aliases Avari
Religion Eternal Prayer, Starlet Worship, Aspiral Worship
Mount Horse, Dire Wolf, Mammoth
Leader Various
Intelligence 8
Height 5 - 6 feet
Environment Any
Lifespan Roughly 80 years
 Humans are Sentient Mortals in Terfall. also called Avari meaning Slave Ones.



Avari are where the second race to have been made artifically by another race, the first being the Sarrians 1000 years before them. The Avari where created by the Elves known as the Gelldir or White Elves. They where created by a mixture of different supernatural elements which included

  • Dwarven Blood - To make them great workers and labourers as Dwarves are known for their dedication to work.
  • Gelldir Blood - To enfroce that the Gelldir controlled them and where their masters, but found that this gave Avari the Gelldir's War Strategies, Determination to better themselves, and their lust for power.
  • A thread from the Web of Life - The only way the Elves could create Life itself was to use the same instrument that Celestris used to create them.
  • Magic - To bind the elements together to create the Avari race, this also proved to give Avari an untapped abilty to magic which they could unlock in a later date.

Elven RuleEdit

Human Slaves

Several Avari being taken somewhere by possible Drakari (This is a Warhammer Fantasy Image)

The Gelldir, Confindant in their new creation quickly grew more, and more, and more of the Avari in several different locations around Terfall. Creating over 10,000 Avari. The Gelldir quickly sent the Avari race into a slave force to work tirelessly for the Elven Empire's Wealth and Independence as a Nation at War. Thousands of Avari where shipped harshy and without comfert to the several needed locations that the Gelldir asked for, included the Steal Mines of Hallriss, the food plantations of Uthway, the labour force of Sisitra and the dock and plantations of Idara. Many of the other Elven Races included the Viri and the Briari saw the Gelldir's act to play god as selfish and wrong. As both theses races believed that life should be free to live as it pleased, regardless of what race and form you are. But theses ackusations by the 2 Elven Races where withdrawn by the dire need a working force during the dark times of the Elven War. Fortunatly, after over 1000 years working as the slaves of the Gelldir the other 2 Elven Races, the Viri and Briari decided between them that they would try their best to free the Avari in any way they could. The Briari, master of stealth where able to sneak into the Avari slave camps of Hallriss and give them several assorted weapons and a map which pointed the Avari to a offcharted island north of Hallriss that the Avari can use as a sanctuary. Naturally the Avari Chief, naturally Accepted the Briari help and prepaired a Breakout of Hallriss.
Island of Freedom

Fabled Avari Island of Freedom, which later became the housing of Kat Prime

The Viri, less skilled at stealth but equaly Knowledable in persuaien managed to persuade several of the Gelldir's slave camps dotted around Shakara to hand over the Avari to the Viri. The Viri gladly took them and gave them shelter within multipule Viri Reffuge camps that the Orc Reffugees used to escape the Gelldir during the Elven War. Whilst the Avari of Hallriss where successful in their breakout of the Steal mines of Hallriss and made their way to the offcharted island. Which the Avari named the Island of Freedom. The Briari would send more, and more of the Avari escapee's to the Island of Freedom. Their they remained for another 1000 years in solitude and peace knowing that they could live their lives without the harshness of the Gelldir on their backs. The Avari Refuggee's of the Viri where also safe from the Gelldir, and where accepted as friends to the Orc Reffugees their to. Both races didnt realise however the Gelldir had murdered the Viri in search for them.

When the Darkening came, the Avari that where freed by the extinct Viri and the now Exiled Briari  remained safe and undetected by the now quickly dimishing Gelldir. Who nearly all died from the effects the Darkening had on the Elves.


Now truely free from the Gelldir's Slavery, the Avari renounced their former racial name of slave to a name "Human" derived from their language known as Common. These Humans took most of the all the former Gelldir teratories and formulated their own nations which often wared with one another and peace between others. These new nations of the Humans lasted for countless generations, each suffering its weakeness and provailing in their strengths.



  • In Early Concept of Kingdoms of Terfall, Avari alongwith Goblins, Etrakc and Sarrian where the only races to exist in the universe
  • Despite their true name being Avari, most do go by their post darkening name of Human as Avari and the name is now considered discriminative.


Similar to the Elves, humans can take up many different features and differences, both depending on their origins of birth and their combination of cells, however unlike the elven races, human races are more subtle in differences such as skin colour, facial structure and physical build.


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