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Concept of a Human Male
Vital statistics
Affiliation Kingdom of Stars, Hahaskan Empire, Kingdom of Idara, Kingdom of Thorgaard, Highland Baronage, Kingdom of Axon
Age 1500ER - Present
Aliases Avari
Religion Celestism, Thedism, Five Paths, Njodism, Anarokism,
Mount Horse, Dire Wolf, Mammoth
Leader Various
Intelligence Medium-High
Height 120-180cm
Environment Various
Lifespan 40-80 Terfalleon years
 Humans also Humanity and the Avari are a species of intelligent, mammalian humanoids dominant on Terfall. They

native to the the majority of Terfall. Weak and short lived compared to other Terfalleon species, humans make up for their short comings with their ambitious nature and highly adaptable lifestyles that has allowed them to spread across Terfall and become the dominant species and have the strongest nations.



  • In Early Concept of Kingdoms of Terfall, Avari alongwith Goblins, Etrakc and Sarrian where the only races to exist in the universe
  • Despite their true name being Avari, most do go by their post darkening name of Human as Avari and the name is now considered discriminative.


Due to humans ability to adopt their lifestyle