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Horroville is a Mountain City in the south eastern area of Lana Falls. Horrville was used as both a graveyard for fallen warriors, and a Starlet Steel minepit. Horroville although hailed in the province of Lana Falls it's citizens do not follow Lana or call themselves Laniens. The citizens of Horroville follow Kata and are directly involved with the workings of Kat Prime. Horroville citivens are the most descriminative, raciest and downgrading of all the Human settlements as they believe that any Human who does not follow Kata are Traitors.


Horroville was founded by the Humans (Now reffered to as Katanovians) as a profound source of Starlet Steel used to forge the Kingdom's Weaponary and armor. It began as a mining town, then quickly began to grow into a profounding trading city

Horroville however was not the safest town to live in, it harboured only a small wooden wall, and it was consently attacked by Briari Raiding Parties. Time to time, Laniens who come to try and bolster the ranks, however they would not stay long as most Horroville Citivens deemed the Laniens Traitors for not following Kata.

Horroville met its match during the Age of Skulls, Headmaster of the Cult of Skulls, Uwen Lichen Targetted Horroville for its supply of corpses. the Cult butchered the town, those who survived either fled to Lanastar or Joined the Cult as Acolytes. Horroville was left as a Ruined Mountainside of blood and stone.