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Highland Pass

Highpass's Snowy mountains

Highpass is a Province of Terfall, found on the Sisitra Continent bordering Lana Falls west, Eskus and Shakara east, Scorn and Axon north and Ravine south. Highpass is the ascendrial home of the 2 human species Njordsir and Highlanders.



Highpass has is known for being on high allitude, the entire region is perched high above the mountains seperating the east and west of Sisitra and most speculate that it was once connected to Ravine, a fellow high mountainous region south of Highpass. Being so far above the sea floor Highpass is very cold, it snows in the Province around 80% of the year and only peaking during the summer months, but they are very warm months due to how far Highpass is above. Most of the natural animals and plantlife has taken thousands of years to adapt to the province's harsh climate, most make use of preserving inner heat or reduce the loss of energy any way they can. Sentient mortals that descend from Highpass has a natural residance to withstanding the cold. They are also naturally able to possess and master Ice Magic far greater then any other Sentient Mortal species.

Passive MortalsEdit

Sentient MortalsEdit

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