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Highland Baronage
Highland Baronage Symbol
Concept of the Highland Baronage Symbol, Designed by KingKatanova
Background Information
Type Oligarchy
Location Highpass
Capital Norden, Kilfar, Mannaberg, Dalkeith
Founded/Built Roughly 500PD
Ruler's Highland Barons
Other Information
Summary United faction of the Highlanders
Other Names Highland
Inhabitants Humans, Orcs, Dwarves
Language Avarish
Lifespan Around 700 years
The Highland Baronage was a faction on Terfall which belonged to the Highlanders which ruled over Highpass. It's said to have been one of the very first united Human nations following the Darkening and one of the only ones to successfully unite the Highlander Clans. The Baronage stood for many centuries next to the far larger as a testament to the Highlander's bravery and stubbornness.

The Baronage however fell into decline following the Highland Vampire War and Chaos War, were what remained of the Baronage vassalled under the United Kingdom of Stars for protection. This resulted in the movement of Yifford.

Highland Baronage Flag

More Common Variation of the Baronage .Flag