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Heretic Pride Walker
Heretic Pride Walker
Concept of a Heretic Pride Walker
Vital statistics
Culture Chaos Horde
Class Infantry
Role Drill Sergeants & Taskmasters
Equipment Halberd, Glaive
Armour Steel, Cloth

 The Heretic Pride Walker or simply the Pride Walker are infantry composed of Heretics within the Chaos Horde and any of it's divisions. They are drill instructurs and taskmasters that keep the ranks of the Heretics in order, either by punishing, torturing or killing for any disobedience or defiance.


The Heretic Pride Walkers are distinctive to the common rabble in the Chaos Horde. They wear unqiue armour brandish in red cloths with steel plates adorned in golden trims. They wield primarily polearms such as halberds, glaives and bardiches over shields, making them decent at dealing with cavalry.

As applied by their history, Pride Walkers are allowed to worship Amarkk over Xecien if they so choose. Meaning that they could even break apart from the Chaos Horde if Amarkk so chooses.

Recruitment and statusEdit

Pride Walkers are selected from the aspring rabbles of Heretics at the bottom end of the Chaos Horde




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