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Hellfire Elemental

Concept of a Hellfire Elemental

Hellfire Elementals are a race of Hellspawn that serves the Chaos Horde as a military unit and any faction under or splintered from it. they are constructed from Hellfire in the form of lava and stone as a mockery creation to the Earth and Fire Elementals. They are used as heavy siege units and juggernauts in battle with their large mass and destructive potential.

Misconception Edit

It is often mistaken by Sentient Mortals that the Hellfire Elemental are Elementals of which would be under the dominion of Anarok. However they are Hellspawns as they where created by Xecien to mimic the elemental whilst Hellfire mimics the element Fire as well as that they use the Elemental name.

Appearance Edit

Hellfire Elementals are large, volcanic beings made from lava and stone that walk across the land. Usually measuring at 20 metres in high but sizes ranged depending on the age of the Hellfire Elemental. They spew lava from there hulking bodies like blood which can burn any would be mortal would dare fight against.

Due to physical properties being stone and lava, they are extremely hard to kill which mortal weaponry, therefore either enchanted, godlike or magical weapons are the only thing that can pierce the magical energy that binds the hellfire elemental together.

Military Edit

Hellfire Elementals are used as both a close quarters siege engine and a artillery unit. They can use their hellfire to burn down and melt any structure that comes into their path. They also have the ability with their strength to lift boulders from the ground and hurl them at tremendous distances.

References Edit

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