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Concept of Helastar
Vital statistics
Status City, Provincial Capital
Alliases N/A
Affiliation Kingdom of Stars (Formerly), Rebellion of the Princes (Formerly), Bloodflame Clan
Occupants Helliens (Formerly), Crimson Orc
Location Scorn, Terfall

Helastar was a settlement and provincal capital of Scorn, it was situated on the western slope of Mount Hela across the Scale Flats and was noteable for its mining and stonemasonry. Helastar eventually fell due to corruptive control and was left as but a ruin under the dominion of Crimson Orcs under the Bloodflame Clan.



As to when the city was founded would have been around the time that the teacher Hela brought his many students to the firey lands of scorn. There, on the tallest mountain in the very centre of the volcanic wasteland

War for Katanova - Rebellion of the PrincesEdit

Following the death of king Andrew Katanova and the creation of the Rebellion of the Princes, the city as to broke off from the original Kingdom of Stars and became the capital to the rebellion. It wasent caught up in the War for Katanova until prior to the end of it when the alliance forces push the rebellion back to the city itself.

Chaos WarEdit

Bloodflame Clan DominionEdit

Economy Edit

Helastar was the centre of trade within Scorn for many years, being as it was one of the resting stops for merchants headings across the red lands through Axon to the Hahaskan Empire and the closest point for docks towards Uthway,