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Hatishi Warrior
Concept of a Hatishi
Vital statistics
Affiliation Hatishi Tribes
Age Unknown (Believed around 14,000ER) - Unknown
Aliases Newwyniens
Religion Voodooism, Shamansim, Eternal Prayer
Mount N/A
Leader Chieftain of Their Individual Tribe
Intelligence 4
Height 3-6 feet
Environment Jungle
Lifespan 70 years

 The Hatishi also known as the Newwyniens are a race of are a sentient mortal race from Terfall hailing from the far off eastern isles of Newwyn. They appear similar to that of Orc and Human alike which is believed to be their origin.

History Edit

The Hatishi's history is completely unknown to that of the outside world and even that of the Hatishi themselves. Speculations and theories have derived that due to the common features the Hatishi bear to that of the Orc and Human races that they share a early ancestry. It could be possible that the Hatishi are the descendants of Orcs fleeing during the Elf & Orc war that took human escapists or freed slaves were they both found themselves all the way on the Newwyn isles. And over the centuries have mingled their bloodlines together which created the Hatishi bloodline.

Or it's even possible that the Hatishi originated on the mainland of Terfall as well, and that they were driven out of Terfall were they ended up on Newwyn, it is unclear and fully up to speculation or suggestion as to which is true.

Society Edit

The Hatishi's social structure is tribalist in nature similar to the Orcs, Hyenaks & Vernacc of Sisitra, the Hatishi have formed many dozens of tribes that have spread all across the several dotted isles.

The tribes of the Hatishi are dominated by a chieftain, who is chosen from the rite of dominance over strength and leadership. The chieftain would oversee the warrior of the tribe and situations that can arise. Second to the chieftains are the High Shaman, or in the Hatishi's case, the High Witch Doctors

Belief Edit

The Hatishi follow a darker form of Shamanism known as Voodooism which gives mages of the faith the ability to use the great spirits to curse and defile none believers and render them weak. Which leads to speculation that Voodooism has some connections to that of Necromancy and Witchcraft.


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