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Origin Isles of Panrr
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Nature Lawful Good
Harris is the Pandari Master and Watchmen of the Panrr Isles, his homeland.

Appearence in KoTEdit

File:Pandaren Wardancer by Norinrad.jpg
Harris Appears in Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall as a Playable Request Hero in the Pandari Legends in the Titan's Palace. Alongwith GendoXeoSau and an unnamed Brewman.

Harris's Ability set is based apon the Blademaster from Warcraft 3, being able to dodge battles and even inflict damage to enemies without taking damage to himself. This is shown in his use of Alpha Strike, which is greatly refferenced to Alpha strike from Master Yi, a Champion Wuju Samurai from the League of Legends franchise.

Abilty List

1- Alpha Strike (Master Yi's trademark spell)

2- Zen Mirror (Blademaster's Mirror Image)

3- Zen Jump (Warden's Blink)

4-Bladestorm (Blademaster's Bladestorm)

Harris is also a great Freelancing hero, or a primary hero for the Pandari Race.