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Concept of Halriss
Vital statistics
Status Town (Pre Darkening), Provincial Capital - City (Post Darkening)
Alliases Last Refuge of Gelldir, Ruined City
Affiliation Gelldir Empire
Occupants Gelldir, Avari
Location Southern edge of Kata's Descent
Halriss was a settlement of the Gelldir which originally stood as the provincial capital of Kata's Descent. After the Darkening it became the refuge of Gelldir that survive the destruction of Gell.

History Edit

Origin Edit

The settlement of Halriss was constructed primarily as a frontier outpost to the Gelldir Empire which would stood at one of the openings to the Dwarven province of Ravin to which the Gelldir had political disagreements with. Originally, Halriss's main resource was fish from then river li and timber from the edges of Tewe forest, whilst later one it managed to gain quarries over the edges of the mountain, improving its structure and defensives.

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