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Hahaskan Mounted Archer
Hahaskan Mounted Archer
Concept of a Hahaskan Mounted Archer
Vital statistics
Culture Maslum's Horde (Formerly), Hahaskan Empire
Class Ranged Cavalry
Role provide ranged support from speed
Equipment Bow, sabre
Armour Cloth, Leather
The Hahaskan Mounted Archers or more often called the Esken Mounted Archers are a military unit employed by the Hahaskan Empire and its predecessor; Maslum's Horde. Their swift mounts and accurcay on horseback led them into many victory for Maslum's campaign and for his withstanding empire.

History Edit

Founding Edit

The Mounted archers were founded upon as the first military arm of Maslum's Horde, they were the hunters and protectors of the first clans that joined Maslum in his conquest of Eskus. They followed him without question, raiding and pilliaging enemy tribes that did not bow to maslum's will, they were exemplary in his conquests as they lost so little numbers due to how fast and accurate they were on swift esken horses.

Conquest against the Cataphracts Edit

With Maslum's horde growing in power and numbers, the neighbouring kingdom of Scer fought it best to make an example of the northern upstarts by sending there infamous Cataphracts.

References Edit

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