Hahaskan Soldier

A Standard Hahaskan Infantryman

Hahaskan Infantry are the first rank of the Hahaskan Empire Military, they are joined with the Hahaskan Impaler and Hahaskan Archer.


Hahaskan Infantry are trained as initiates of the Hahaskan Empire, taken up by both Plainsmen and Shakuma, they are given lightly armored gear and trained in wooden shield with a variety of one armed weapons such as Swords,Axes , Maces and Flails. If a trainie soldier shows promise in either range weapons or two armed weapons will go down the path of the Hahaskan Archer or the Hahaskan Impaler.

Once training is complete the Hahaskan Soldiers are sent off to the surronding border conflicts which have been fought over by the Hahaskan Empire as there first tour of duty, these areas are Axon, Orccen and Stepp.

Hahaskan Soldiers alongwith impalers are also able to reach further in the military of the Hahaskan Empire when been given honoured they can become Hahaskan Sergents and then even Imperial Warriors .

Equipment Edit

Pros. & Cons.Edit


  • Large in number within the Hahaskan Empire.
  • Highly mobile fighting force.
  • Trained in a variety of different weapons.
  • Classified as Hahaskan and not catagoried by individual Sentient Mortal
  • Exspendable


  • Limited training can lead to faults in battle
  • lighted armored leading to vulnerable points in battle

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