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Hahaskan Empire
Hahaska Flag
Concept of the Hahaskan Empire Flag
Background Information
Type Empire
Location Eskus, Shakara
Capital Arcka
Founded/Built Union of Maslum Hahask with the Shakuma Sultanate
Ruler's Hahaskan Emperor
Other Information
Summary Empire of Eastern Sisitra, Union of Eastern Humans
Other Names Esken Empire, Hahaska, Eastern Empire
Inhabitants Esken, Shakuma, Orcs, Olohs, Dwarves, Etrakcs, Highlanders, Helliens
Language Common, Shakumi
Lifespan Preset Day

The Hahaskan Empire is a Empire on Terfall founded by the Esken Blackhorse Clan under Maslum I Hahask in 56PD which domains over much of the eastern provinces of Sisitra.

Under the rulership of the Hahask Dynasty. The Hahaskan Empire have set themselves as a nation to be feared as they wage conflict across Terfall to increase their control.


The word "Hahaskan" is a term created by the Esken and Shakuma as to symbolise those under the rulership of Maslum I Hahask, the found of the Empire and of the ruling Hahask Dynasty.

History Edit

Rise (34PD - 56PD) Edit

When Hamad Hahask, Father of Maslum I Hahask passed away in 34PD the role of chieftain over the Blackhorse Clan was awarded to Maslum I Hahask after defeating all over potential cheiftains in single combat on horseback.

Government Edit

Military Edit

Hahaskan Army

Concept of the Hahaskan Army

The Military of the hahaskan empire has evolved over the course of its rise from a simple clan to that of a fully formed and conqureing nation, taking unit types and tactics from conqurered factions aswell as their armour and weapons.


  • Hahaskan Milita
  • Hahaskan Bowman
  • Hahaskan Glaiveman
  • Hahaskan Swordsman
  • Hahaskan Horseman
  • Hahaskan Outrider
  • Raj'rûm Guard
  • Rajûm Knight
  • Hahaskan Elephant Rider

History Edit

The first indications of the Hahaskan Military goes back to the early years of the campaigns of the Black Horse Clan, the founders of the Empire. Warfare in those times consisted of small-scale plunder-raids, they excelled in the use of quick combat tactics through their horsemanship skills and speed of their mounts. The Black Horse Archers where feared across the clans of Eskus for this.

In 65PD, When Maslum I Hahask became chieftain over the Black Horse Clan, their power had grown from a waring clan to a small kingdom, still under the name of the clan, Maslum enforced his ambition to his people that they will conquer the known world and they rallied to his call. Their campagin to conquer the several dotted clans of Eskus began a phew days later of Maslum's chieftainship, where a band of 300 Black Horse Archers rallied to him. They began taking control of every clan they came across through warfare, one by one the clans fell to maslum's iron grip. More and more soldiers flocked to Maslum's warband and bolstering his numbers. In 68PD, Maslum had taken control of over 20 Eskan Clans and was on the way to launching the an assault against the Scer Kingdom.