Concept of a Hahaskan Warrior

Hahaskans are the people of the Hahaskan Empire, primarily Human but can also be applied to Orcs, Dwarves & Olohs.

The term "Hahaskan" dates back to Maslum I Hahask; the Blackhorse Warlord who conquered the Esken Tribes, the Scec Kingdom and the Hakim Sultanate, thus forming the Hahaskan Empire.

History Edit

Beginning Edit

The Hahaskans began as the men under the banner of Maslum I Hahask, an Esken chieftain who inherited rule from his father. Maslum dreamed of seeing the world bow to his name, he began formulated his nomadic people into a fighting force. He also looked to rallying the other tribes under his command, some joined him willing, some required a test of strength, most turned him down. Despite this, Maslum returned to this defiant tribes and pillaged them. Executing the chief who stood against him and forcefully recruiting those strong and able into his warband, whilst leaving the women and children be. He continued this act until Maslum had claimed over 20 individual esken clans scattered across the country. Those that joined under Maslum's banner took the name of Hahaskan

War of Scer & Hahask Edit

It was not long these "Hahaskans" caught the attention of the Scer Kingdom, a minor nation in southern Eskus which like Maslum, was founded upon by the submission of the tribes. Umar Scer, the current King of Scer saw the militarization of the tribals as a threat to his rule and sent his army of Cataphracts to the outlining clans with the Hahaskans domain. They butchered entire settlements in there wake but were soon sent back by the approaching Hahaskan forces. Maslum learned the power the Cataphracts can bring and formulated the Hahaskans to combat them, he took to relying on swift horse archers to outrun the heavily armoured knights of Scer. By --PD the hahaskans under maslum marshaled an army of at least 300 men to stand against the Scer Kingdom. Despite the cataphracts best efforts, they were not enough to stop the hordes of Hahaskans, they were overwhelmed and the city of Etra fell to dominion of Maslum. When Umar Scer refused to swear Alligance to maslum, he was executed with his entire family, each of there heads risen over the gates of etra as a warning to other Eskens to fear disobience to Maslum. This was maslum's dominon became the Hahaskan Empire. He took Etra to being his capital and his place of stay.

Types Edit

  • Hahaskan
  • - Esken
  • - Shakuma
  • -Hellien
  • -Highlander
  • Orc
  • Dwarf
  • Oloh


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