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Ha'ri Lich
Concept of Ha'ri as a Lich
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Shadow Curse Clan, Cult of Skulls
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Date of Birth - Death 303ER - 1186PD
Relations Unknown
Aliases Apprentice of Balgarath, Chieftain of the Shadowcurse Clan, First Orc Lich
Class Necromancer
Nature Chaotic Neutral

Ha'ri was the former Chieftain of the Shadow Curse Clan and allied cult leader to the Cult of Skulls. A spiritually questioned mage of the Mystic Eye Clan, Ha'ri was drawn to the disgraced teachings of Balgarath, were he became his first disciple and protege. He followed him to Highpass were they founded the Shadow Curse Clan and made balgarath their chieftain were he served his followers until his eventually death.

Ha'ri took up chieftainship of the Shadow Curse following his mentor's death, were he ruled with a hunger for greater power, were he used the writings of his former leader, the Deathly Grimoire to enhance his powers, however death was soon to take him as well just like his master. Ha'ri then went through the long and difficult process of becoming a lich, were he'd master death itself which Balgarath could never accomplish.

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