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Reaper Council

Concept of a Council member upon a Ebony Seat

The Grim Council is the ruling office of the Black Covenant which debates and votes on how the civilization is run.

The council is represented worldly through the Council Master and members of the council are either Liches of the Priesthood of Theda or Death Knights of the Covenant's Military.

History Edit

The Grim Council was formed just a phew weeks after the creation of the Black Covenant, which formulated the council in a dark reflection to that of the Dawn's Republic's Council.

Structure Edit

The Grim Council is organised in that each council member is responsible for a certain position of the Covenant's divisions. However there are also council members who don't represent a official status and are considered wealthy individuals who are in for their own interest rather then the interests of the drakari in general.

Council Master Edit

Council Lord Edit

The Lords are responsible for the managment of settlements, areas and sites that fall under the Black Covenant's juradiction, these locations include Shen'dow, the Barrows, the Silken Caverns & Shen'Drellia

Council Head

Notable Council Members Edit

  • Galderek - Council Master
  • Vehna - Council's offical for Shen'dow
  • Draven - Council's head of military
  • Barbara - Council's head of Stealth
  • Lyidria - Council's head of the Priesthood
  • Eberdear - Council's Head of Magical Studies
  • Mismao - Council's official for the Barrows

References Edit

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