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Orc death knight by nkabuto-d3e7gsh
Concept of Gradrad as a skeleton and death guardian
Vital statistics
Species/Race {{{Species/Race}}}
Affiliation Shadowcurse Clan (Formerly), Unknown Gang (Formerly), No One
Origin {{{Origin}}}
Date of Birth - Death thought to be around 130PD
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Aliases the brute, Bandit of Eskus (formerly) highpass shadowcursed warrior (formerly), the great skeletal brute, bone splitter.
Class Orc brute, ((Formerly)), Death Guardian

Gradrad was an orcish brute who was revived by necrolyte Okrag as a death guardian.


The Beginning Edit

Gradrad was born in Highpass into the Shadowcurse Clan.  He grew up  hunting in the shadowcurse valley where he befriended a necrolyte named Okrag.

Bandit Life in EskusEdit

Gradrad left the clan along with several others when ha'ri joined forces with the cult of skulls to grant him immortality as ha'ri disgraced the ancient tradtion of a good death. It was thought that he moved to eskus and joined one of the noteable bandit gangs, (this was thought to be the black iron gang) along with Okrag. They both conducted sucessful raids and loots across the hahaskan empire for the gang over a period of several years.

Betrayal and revivalEdit

After accessing advanced knowledge of necromancy, Okrag led Gradrad to believe he could become the leader of the gang, using Gradrad as his tool or puppet. During a raid, Okrag backstabbed Gradrad when he was not looking, killing him in cold blood. Okrag then conducted the ritual to bring him back to life as a death guardian. Having no intial training in advanced necromancy, he could not control the power he unleashed and Gradrad in his uncontrollable state beheaded him as payback for his betrayal.

 Wandering Death GuardianEdit

Gradrad did not disipate after the death of that necrolyte, eventually regaining his sense, he realised what had happened and what he had become, Now cursed to spend eternity as a abomination of magic, never to forfil the ancient orc tradition of a good death.


  • Requested by Lichkingthe2nd
  • Gradrad was going to originally be part of the renegade bandits but this was later changed to the ones in Eskus.
  • He was originally going to be born to another orc clan, not the Shadowcurse clan
  • When Gradrad killed Okrag, he did not disapate, unlike most death guardians.
  • His name was created by using a mixture of rough sounds like Gr and dr so that he sounds more brutal.


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