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A Goblin Shaman, Goblin Warrior and Goblin Hunter
Vital statistics
Affiliation Mushroom Tribe, Fireaxe Tribe, Rokfall Tribe, Kingdom of the Badlands Tek Tribe
Age 9000ER - Present
Aliases Wild Ones, Vermin
Religion Shamanism, Element Worship
Mount Unknown
Leader Barrad the Wicked, Fandass, Razz Oi, Gollag
Intelligence 5
Height 2-3 Feet
Environment Dry, Hot Wastelands, Rockies, Deserts
Lifespan {{{How long do they live}}}
Goblins are a Race of small Sentient Mortals with light green to grey skin that hail from the Terfall Region of the Badlands. Despite their miniture stracture they can be quite aggresive and mischiefous.

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