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Gelldir (Grey Elves)
Concept of a Gelldir
Vital statistics
Affiliation Gelldir Clans, Elven Empire
Age 15,000ER - 1PD
Aliases Grey Elves, Pale Ones
Religion Eternal Prayer, Order Worship
Mount Horse
Leader Pale Lords, Grey Emperor
Intelligence 9
Height 5 - 6 ft
Environment Any
Lifespan Biological Immortality
The Gelldir (Grey Lords in Common) were a race of elves that inhabited the northern region of Sisitra, which is now known as the province Scorn. They were a warlike and conquring race that cause the extinction of many other sentient mortal species during there campagins. They formed the foundations of vast empires through the Elven Empire and where the architects of the Human species.

However in the events of the Darkening, the Gelldir suffered greatly at it's hands, both losing their homeland to the raging flames and crumbling earth and their very minds in realisation of thei


The Gelldir where one of the first Elves races to form on Terfall from the Web of Life, they where the first races to greatly colonize Sisitra, and took full control of Uthway and Idara. They where a bloodless race, that believed in the love and fury of war and conflict. They frequently fell into conflicts over the Orcs of Orccen, the Hill Giants of Stepp, the Goblins of the Badlands and the Dwarves of the Ravine Mountains. Eventually gaining the trust of Shenari, Briari and somewhat Viri. The Gelldri brought the union of many Elven races into the Elven Empire.