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Concept of Geg'arog
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Shakaven Kingdom
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Date of Birth - Death Unknown
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Aliases Shakaven KIng
Class Shakaven King
Nature Lawful Neutral
Geg'arog is a Shakaven King who leads the last Shakaven Colony known as the Shakaven Kingdom.

Biography Edit


It is unknown about his birth but it is said that he was born over 3000 years apart from his younger brothers. Geg'arog protected his mother by fending off other creatures from the Shakara Desert and finding a new suiter for her mother to produce more offspring. When the Sand Mother produced her next batch of larva, Geg'arog was the last standing of is Shakaven generation. After his new siblings where born, Geg'arog became their advisor and leader. He instructed them on how to hunt prey in the desert and for protecting one another in times of peril.

Geg'arog was no fool when it comes to politics, he knew for many years of the anproching Elven race known as the Viri. Geg'arog and his other Shakaven remained distant from these new beings. Until they began building their mighty temples within the Shakaven's hive. Geg'arog awoke his brothers in anguish and began a bloody campagin against the Viri. However it only lasted a year which led to a peace offering on Geg'arog's part. After this, Geg'arog and the Viri leader; Dexxi Seer allies their to species and made a pact that if the Shakaven would protect and maintain the Viri's underground temples. The Viri would provide food and protection from others that would try to harm their tribal status. Geg'arog accepted these terms, and the 2 leaders began to grow a strong friendship from the fire.

References Edit

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