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First Siege of Helastar
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Battle of Helastar
Date: 1171PD
Location: Helastar, Scorn
Result: Alliance of the Princesses Victorious
Rebellion of the Princes Disbanded
End of the War for Katanova
Alliance of the Princesses Rebellion of the Princes
Lara Katanova
Maria Katanova
Orule Katanova
Sendil Eilliwood
Tirith Katanova
Barrad the Wicked
Aldros Wisp
Heavy Heavy

 The First Siege of Helastar was the last battle of the War for Katanova which contested Helastar under the Rebellion of the Princes against the Alliance of the Princesses.

 The siege was bloody on both fronts, but the alliance was eventually victorious with the rebel leader Tirith's death at the hands of Kaileth, the other commanders of the rebellion were also captured by the alliance within Helastar's throne room.


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