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First Necromancer War
The Bone War
Beginning: 1163PD
End: 1167PD
Outcome: -Cult of Skulls Defeated and almost wiped out
-Uwen Lichen became the new leader of the Cult of Skulls
-Kristin Baer became Highland Baroness of Norden
-The death of Mardrake Transfer
Major Battles: -Sacking of Sapphire Road
-First Siege of Lunastar
-Battle of Mages Pass
-Horrville Massacre
-Retaking of Mages Pass
-Battle of the Graveyard
-Kingdom of Stars
-Templar Brotherhood
-Cult of Skulls
-Andrew Katanova
-Maria Katanova
-Sendil Eilliwood
-Aldare Nitefal
-Adrian Mendlarr
-Mardrake Transfer
-Uwen Lichen
-Morgrim Katanova
-Aldare Nitefal

 The First Necromancer War also known as the War of Bones was a conflict fought between the Cult of Skulls and the Kingdom of Star from 1163PD to 1167PD, mostly taking place in Jaqua.

History Edit

The War of Bones began when the banished High Priest of Kat Prime Mardrake Transfer, unleashed the Skeleton Legion upon the Jaqua