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Fern Barkrider
Concept of Fern Barkrider
Vital statistics
Species/Race {{{Species/Race}}}
Affiliation Briari
Origin {{{Origin}}}
Date of Birth - Death 135PD
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Aliases Briari high scout, the wooden arrow, Hippogryph tamer, the great Hippogryph rider
Class Briari archer, ((Formerly)), Briari Ranger
Nature Neutral

Fern Barkrider is a Briari archer who is also a Hippogryph rider and a scout.


Before meeting ZephyrrEdit

Fern was born in Tewe and like many Briari she always aspired to become a great Briari ranger. She wanted to be famous and powerful. She began training for this at a young age. She became very skilled with a bow, though not as skillful as some of her rivals.

Encounter with ZephyrrEdit

Once, when in the forests of Tewe/ wild Terfall, Fern was all alone. Suddenly, she was attacked. She was saved by an unusually large Hippogryph whom she named Zephyrr

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