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Concept of a Fenari
Vital statistics
Affiliation Fen Kingdom
Age 18,000ER - 6,5000ER
Aliases Frost Elves, Snow Elves
Religion Unknown (Presumed Eternal Prayer
Mount Unknown
Leader Fen King
Intelligence 8
Height 4-6 ft
Environment Any but prefer cold landscapes
Lifespan Cannot die from old age
 The Fenari also known as Ice Elves were a race of Elves that inhabited the colder, harsher climates on Terfall. Originally one of the eldest variation of elves that was accounted for, they were mysterious and elusive in even that of their race.

 However, due to the Rise of Humanity and the fall of the Elven Empire, the race all be it disappeared, their cities vanished into the heavy snow and their monuments merged into the ice, they are believed to be extinct due to their being no trace.


The Fenari where natural snow lovers who came from the area of high rock slops and low heat conditions which is now known as Highland Pass in early 15,000 Elven rule. 





  • The Fenari are based from the elder scrolls mer race the Falmer
  • The Fenari have never made an appearance in Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall, due to the reason that they have been long extinct before the humans even came to power


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