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Ewin Worthyright
Ewin Worthyright
Concept of Ewin Worthyright
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Stars
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Date of Birth - Death 1119PD - 1171PD
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Aliases Noble of Lanastar, Knight of Lanastar, Hero of Lanastar
Class Katanovian Knight
Nature Lawful Good
Ewin Worthyright is a Human Lanien who was a noted Lanien Defender who went on in the Lanstar army to become a Defender Knight. He Led constantless battles for the good of his Kingdom and sadly payed the ultimate price for his loyalty to the Royals that he was killed by Tirith Katanova in the War for Katanova during laying eyes on his Nephew; Kaileth Worthyright of which Ewin gave his sword to.

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