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Etrakc Warband through lower Orccen
Vital statistics
Affiliation Red Scar Tribe, Old one Tribe, Hallow Barren Tribe
Age 20,000ER - Present
Aliases Lizardmen, Scaled Ones, Scalari
Religion Shamanism, Elemental Worship
Mount Dire Raptor
Leader Unknown
Intelligence 7
Height 6 - 7 feet
Environment Dense Jungles
Lifespan {{{How long do they live}}}
Etrakcs are a Race of reptile Sentient Mortals that hail from the Terfall Region of Wild Terfall. They have been on Terfall far longer then that of the Elfkin and are more unified then what other races believe, be weary when the day finally comes that they might think to conquere all of Terfall.


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