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Concept of an Esken
Vital statistics
Affiliation Hahaskan Empire, Esken Clans (Formerly), Scer Kingdom (Formerly)
Age 2000ER - N/A
Aliases Hahaskan, Plainsman
Religion Shamansim, Anarok Worship
Mount Horse,
Leader Hahaskan Emperor, Esken Chieftains (Formerly), Scer King (Formerly)
Intelligence 7
Height 5 - 6 ft
Environment any
Lifespan around 80 years
Eskens are a race of Human that originate from the dryland plains of Eskus and are one of main Hahaskan races.


The Plainsmen where just another form of the Avari used by the Elven Empire. The plainsmen where engineered to be better suited to working within the region of Eskun which was the heartland of both the Gelldir and the Elven Empire.

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