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Ericka Baer
Ericka Herr
Concept of Ericka Baer
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Highland Barony (Formerly), Kingdom of Stars
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Date of Birth - Death 1190PD
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Aliases Heir to the Baronship of Norden, Second Earl of Highpass
Class Highland Knight
Nature Lawful Good
Ericka Baer is the current Earl of Highpass. A member of the Baer Clan, daughter to Katarine Baer and Jorn Herr, Ericka has been balancing both the former baronships in unison with the Kingdom of Stars and the growing hostilities with the Yifford raiders.


Birth and Childhood Edit

Ericka was born in Norden in 1190PD to the parentage of the Highland Baroness Katarine Baer and her husband Jorn Herr. Ericka saw nothing of her father when she as growing alongside her younger brother Bruce II Baer