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War of the Gods

Concept of a Hellic and a Angel fighting in the Endless War

The Endless War or the Infinia Struggle is an unending power struggle which have been conflicted against since the creation of the 3 titan universe realms, were the many singular Gods have been competing against one another for power and dominion not only over the primary realm of Infinia, but has split into Mortalia as well.

The 3 main forces of the conflict is that of the Eternal Ones, the Aspiral Kings & the Chaos Horde to which the minor gods have been siding with one of these 3 sides to see their power increase. The Eternal Ones believes that gods should not intervene in the ways of Mortals are strong believers in the ways of order and purification. The Aspiral Kings seek the Universe be shaped in their image and in their own dominion for both realms. Finally, The Chaos Horde seeks the entire universe be plunged into a never ending mess of Chaos with little to no true sight of order.

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